Sunday, September 23, 2007

heck yes

What a fun weekend this has been! The weather finally broke here in the PHX and it's been a balmy 95 degrees today, finally making outdoor activities less likely to induce death by heat stroke.

It actually rained on Saturday. We had those funny desert showers where it pours rain for 10 minutes and then the skies open-up into beautiful half-cloud canvases of intense shadows and great light. Below are some pictures from my Saturday hike on the Peralta trail in the Superstition Mountains and my Sunday play date at Papago Park. Most of them, obviously, have been digitally enhanced or filtered in some way.


weavers needle.jpg
Weaver's Needle

lovers rock.jpg
Lovers Rock

lone tree.jpg
Lone Tree

Papago Hole

hairy palms.jpg
Hairy Palm Trees



amy said...

that turtle photo is awesome! sounds like you had yourself a good little weekend. sweet!

Jessi said...

Awww....the turtles are amazing! That's so cute!

Anonymous said...

brita that turtle and weavers something photo are awesome!!! has your dad seen those? he would be proud. I bet you could sell the turtle photo to nat. geographic. I miss you.

Love, jaclyn