Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Already, I am not able to posty post as I am supposed to for the contest. I'm not holding this against myself and so in my own mind, I'm still participating. Okay? OKAY?

I'm back in the states and grateful to be here. Quebec was so beautiful! Cibi, I was thinking of you and that gorgeous country you live in. People here say that Canada is a milder version of the US and actually, I have to disagree. Granted, I've only been to Montreal and Quebec, two very frenchie cities. I was really blown away by the preservation of historic buildings, the quaint restaurants and blustery weather.

I also found that my French isn't as horrible as I thought. Well, actually, it's pretty bad. But, I've got a decent accent and a great smile, both of which help me navigate foreign territory.

I was there for an academic conference which was like most of those thing; lots of time standing and talking to people, a little bit of time fending off scary academic romeos and even less time sleeping.

In other news, we had daylight savings! For me, living in Arizona where we have no daylight savings, this is a pretty awesome deal because we finally switch over to mountain time. I love mountain time. It means that I'm only 2 hours behind the east coast which makes for easier communication with the office and my family and a much better time dealing with east coast jet lag.

Even though I've already sabotaged my NaBloPoMo efforts, I'll still try to post more often this month so come back and visit moi.


Leah said...

The title of this post is hilarious! Shitballs!
I'm glad you liked my country - I love Quebec too (as I've been talking about a lot lately, for some reason).
You'll have to come to BC someday - it's a bit different, but still loveable.
I'm still trying to get to Arizona. My new friendship with an alien abductee (for real!) has given me more interest in visiting the region -- she talks a lot about that state's beauty. So different than the rain and the green of here.

amy said...

You crack me up! Hoping our paths will cross soon.

brinki dink said...

Cibi! Yes, come to Arizona. You will love it. Next time I'm in Canada (not sure when that will be), I'll get in touch.

Amy! Our paths will cross soon, sister. I'm going to be home in December and we will drink coffee flavored with pumpkins.