Saturday, February 02, 2008

Beer of the Week

Remember cactus of the week? I sure miss those prickly pears and hedgehog cacti. In it's place though I'm happy to announce Beer of the Week. There is much to explore to here and naturally I've started with one of the things I love most.

This week's beer is Avalance from Breckenridge Brewery. I loved the flavor melding in this amber ale. Amber ales are usually pretty mild, and this one is, but it's got a fantastic malt taste that twangs on your tounge and adds dimension to the beer. I don't love the typical flatness of many amber ales and so the bright carbonation in Avalanche was a very welcome surprise. This week's beer is a real winner; I'll definitely be sampling it again.


Leah said...

I like the idea of Beer of the Week! Sounds like you are settling in in a beautiful place... I've never been to Colorado but everything I've heard has been positive.
Do you miss the sun?

brinki dink said...

Hi Cibs, Actually, Denver is almost as sunny! The sky is always blue and while it's a little snowy, I'm getting lots of sunshine. You should come out and visit!