Thursday, March 16, 2006

in the stars

I've been in the clouds the last few days so it's been slow on the blog front. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a couple of old poems I wrote back in the dizazy of dizisco. Hopefully, they will keep you entertained until I regain my brain.

the summer sun
in New England
is tentative and shy
each warm day
and lazy afternoon
in June
is a blessing
respite from long winter
new life is responsive
and thrives
basking in light
and sky
days grow longer and
feels at home
with warm breezes
from the West
and there is excitement
and so far the water supply has been plentiful
and balanced
but the
in all her glory
be contained
so soon she
in the morning
only to desperate
stars eager
for their time
to shine
in this selfish fashion
the summer sun
commits to August
ever present
ever calling
each day
how quickly
disillusion sets in
altering moods
And so, she fades
to Autumn holding on
to summer romance
until at last
the sun remits
to winter

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