Friday, April 14, 2006

Maceo Parker and a Moon in Scorpio

I love Maceo Parker. "People Get Ready" from Roots Revisited makes me so insanely happy. It's my new favorite morning-time song. I listen to it and drink my tea with the sunshine streaming in the window. PingPong dances along in his tank; he loves the saxamaphone. I sing all the words real loud so my neighbors can hear, there aren't any lyrics in this version so it's all me--loud and proud baby!

I've taken to checking my horoscope online again. I went through a phase a couple of years ago where I would do this daily. It was a time of uncertainly and change, and I think I was looking for some kind of road map in a muddy puddle, something to tell me that good things were going to come my way if I was patient. I find myself in this mode again currently. Life is so full of changes--some fantastic, some heartwrenching. I think I have to realize though that my yahoo horoscope isn't going to give me any serious insight into my life. If anyone has a legitimate free daily horoscope sight, hook me up.

Happy Friday!

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Leah said...

check out Georgia Nicols - she's pretty sassy...