Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holy Annoyance!

I've currently been on hold with US Air for 19 minutes and 52 seconds. Before that I talked to a dumbass on the main line at US Air for a good 10 minutes and then got hung-up on over and over again trying to navigate the automated system for this alternate number. Before that I was on the phone with Orbitz for 35 minutes and my bank for 12. So far absolutely nobody has been able to help me with a seemingly easy task.

You see, I got double charged for some airfare I recently booked. Should be simple enough to correct, right? Apparently not. After listening to two people reading the same stupid script to me about how they only charge once and I should call my to dispute the charge, I did just that. My bank says in order to dispute the charge I have to file a fraud claim which makes my debit card inactive and takes a gazillion years to process. This is a ridonculous waste of my time! I should just suck-up the $200 loss but now I'm pissed that I've wasted over an hour of my life dealing with this B.S. I hate these corporate fuckers.


Rob said...

This is why I stopped using Orbitz and only buy direct from the supplier (also the only way to get tons of hotel and airline points). I have the fax number for their hotel credit department but not the airfare one.

Fuck them all.

amy said...

they suck. let's get 'em.